Friday, February 15, 2013

Rustix Restaurant in Humboldt, Iowa

I had driven through Humboldt and Dakota City a few times, stopping by Rustix only to find it closed on Mondays or in the middle of the afternoon. All I could do was look through the windows and wonder what was inside. Rustix had been on my list of places to check out since it was named in the IPPA Best Tenderloin contest a few years ago.

Location: 716 Sumner Avenue in Humboldt, a little bit north of Fort Dodge in North Central Iowa.

Directions: Main St. in Humboldt requires turning off the State Highway and following some signs to reach the business district.

Online at: Facebook page is HERE.

The Tenderloin: Well this was a long one, the thin pork loin had been pounded out from the center so it was shaped like the longest loin I've had. The cracker shattering sensation is present in every part of this sandwich. The meat was pounded out thin, butterfly cut a couple times, and the edges stood out proudly firm from the edge of the plate. Served with lettuce and pickle with a soft french bread type bun. Overall 8.9 out of ten.

Price: $8.00 with a side for lunch.

Also on the menu: The menu is big with chops, steaks, sandwiches, and salads. I ordered my tenderloin with Sweet Potato Fries, and some spicy mustard came on the side. I wasn't sure if the mustard was for the tenderloin or the fries.
Service: I came by during the off hours and ate at the bar, but there is a hostess table and waiting area for table service and spaces for hosting private receptions.

Ambiance: If you look closely at the exterior pic you see a ghost sign of the old John Deere dealership that used to occupy this building. This is a historic Main St. brick building remodeled into an upscale restaurant with exposed brick, high ceilings, matching woodwork and modern fixtures.

Final Thoughts: I was glad Rustix was open when I drove through. The region around Ft. Dodge can be intimidating to visitors, there are so few places worth checking out nearby. Seriously, what is a place this nice doing in this area?
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  1. Don't know how to get a hold of Tyrgyzistan, but try tenderloins at Butcher's Steakhouse in Mason City.

  2. I feel like this is a diss to our community. Some of the best restaurants are found in small towns. Maybe instead of only thinking of Rustix, which is no longer a restaurant, you should check out some of the other places around town. Just because we're a small town doesn't mean we can't have nice things.