Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Belmond Drive-In in Belmond Iowa

The Belmond Drive-In has a tenderloin on the sign, and its 2016 IPPA Best Tenderloin in Iowa Contest plaque on the wall. Then they have a sign reading Best Tenderloin in a window, and then the shirts they wear say "Hand Breaded Tenderloins" and "Full of Awesome".

Location: 215 River Ave S in Belmond, Wright County, Northern Iowa.

Directions: you take Highway 69 North from Des Moines past Webster City and this place is on the south side of town.

The Tenderloin: This felt like one of the smaller sized loins, maybe less than seven ounces. The breading had a good golden brown color with hints of seasoning but nothing that tasted strong. It formed a very thin and slightly crunchy layer over the white loin meat. What made this tiny tenderloin good was the consistent tenderness and juiciness in the meat. Served on a higher quality toasted bun with the usual fixings. Overall 8.9 very good

Price: $5.88 after tax

Also on the menu: The menu has the basics of burgers, a melt sandwich, and hot beef with ice cream shop items for dessert.

Service: There was one person working tables and one person cooking when I was in.

Ambiance: The interior is covered with Belmond-Klemme Mustang gear, seating was available at a small counter or tables.

Final Thoughts: This tenderloin is a case of good things sometimes coming in small packages. This is my first stop in Wright County, and I hope to get back in this area when the weather warms up and more places are open.