Friday, February 1, 2013

Marion Maid Rite in Marion, Iowa

The family owned Maid Rite franchises are usually identified by a proper name in the title, an old location in the middle of a town, older or ancient fixtures inside, and conspicuous additions to the menu or the interior. Marion Maid Rite has all of those things, and its only been around since the Eighties.

Location: 1000 7th Ave,  in Marion, just outside Cedar Rapids in Eastern Iowa.

Directions: I think this is the old section of Marion, you get here by taking 1st Ave. NE from dowtown Cedar Rapids.

Online at: website with menu is HERE.

The Tenderloin: The bright white meat was just a little soft, with just a little juice. The one standout thing was the good cracker-like crunch. The breading had little seasoning but a nice golden brown color. Served on an untoasted sesame seed bun, overall 7.0 out of ten.

Price: $4.95

Also on the menu: The menu proudly state Hand Breaded Iowa Tenderloins, and goes on to claim "The Best Maid Rites in Years". That claim makes me wonder if there were some legendary loosemeat sandwiches served nearby a long time ago for local reference. In addition to the usual sandwiches, Marion Maid Rite has homemade pies, soups, and salads.

Service: There is a counter for seating and another for takeout orders, I think they do table service but I didn't stick around.

Ambiance: You realize is not a corporate Maid Rite when you walk in and see a display of decorative sticks and tie-dye shirts just past the door. There is an old counter area and booths for seating, it looks like they expanded into the space next door at some point for additional seating.

Final Thoughts: I would love to hear about any more old Maid Rites serving homemade tenderloins, I have heard Oskaloosa Maid Rite Diner advertises one. My next stop in Cedar Rapids area might be down 1st Ave at the old Riley's location near Coe College. They have a gravy smothered tenderloin and a horseshoe style breakfast loin on their menu I have to check out someday.
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