Wednesday, April 1, 2015

B&S's 529 Bar in Carroll, Iowa

B & S 529 is a bar with a confusing name in a building that says Don's Place in the front. I've driven through Carroll Iowa plenty of times, and I couldn't remember this place being here. The IPPA listed its tenderloin as a finalist in its 2014 Best Tenderloin competition. Its right on the main drag through town, so a stop to grab a tenderloin was easy.

Location: 529 North Main St in Carroll, in Western Iowa.

Directions: Its right on one of the main corners of downtown Carroll, but watch for the storefront marked as "Don's Place".

Online at: facebook page is HERE

The Tenderloin: This was a huge triangle of pork loin meat when I opened to to-go box. This also had a great golden brown color to the breading. The breading itself had some nice saltiness and had a batter like texture in some parts. The problem here was the inside. The interior was dry in several parts from being pounded out just a little too thin. Served with lettuce and pickle on a large cold bun. Overall 7.8 out of ten.

Price: $7.95 with a side.

Also on the menu: Its bar food with fried stuff and burgers with toppings

Service: I was in during a basketball game and the place was packed and service was slow, but that is like every bar in Iowa during basketball season.

Ambiance: This is a remodeled old bar with tons of televisions and lots of beer signage. The exterior still has the name of the last tenant, Dons Place.

Final Thoughts: This is a decent tenderloin that might be good or great if there is some kind of variance in quality or if I just caught them on a bad day. I don't think the bar itself was any better than the dive known as Kerps Pub that I visited in Carroll not too long ago.

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