Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Apron Strings in Mediapolis, Iowa

I think the Burlington Hawkeye newspaper had a local poll for the best tenderloin in Southeast Iowa a while back. The Apron Strings was one of the nominees, and Mediapolis is conveniently located on the road north from Burlington. Get here early for the breakfast and lunch specials, because Apron Strings closes at two in the afternoon.

Location: 608 Main St in Mediapolis in Des Moines County, Southeast Iowa..

Directions: This is just off Highway 61 on the main drag through Mediapolis, just north of Burlington.

The Tenderloin: I liked the soft homemade bun this was served in. Buns don't have to be toasted if they are soft yet firm enough to hold up the sandwich. This tenderloin had a good eight ounces of well trimmed pork loin. The meat was well trimmed and bright white inside. Overall 8.4 out of ten.

Price: $4.95

Also on the menu: There is a full breakfast service along with "noon specials" for lunch. I think they claimed to have homemade cole slaw for a side.

Service: There are two dining areas with table service as well as a counter area. I grabbed my loin to go and paid at the counter.

Ambiance: This place has a very rustic atmosphere with tiny tables and booths. Wood paneled walls with aprons set the tone.

Final Thoughts: I love pulling up to small town diners with vintage soda logo signs and superlative claims of culinary excellence. Be sure to check out my list of other tenderloin places along old Highway 61 on the list I've compiled HERE.

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