Friday, March 1, 2013

Town And Country Cafe in Madrid, Iowa

I had known about this tiny cafe on Main St. in Madrid for years but hadn't made it in during business hours until recently. Nothing compares to the wide boulevards and historic architecture of the European capital cities and their eponymous Iowa small town counterparts. The Town and Country Cafe closes at two and does not accept credit cards, so don't show up in the afternoon without cash and expect to find anything.

Location: 213 W 2nd St  in Madrid, Boone County in Central Iowa.

Directions: 2nd St is the old business district just off the main drag through town.

The Tenderloin: This was a big oval of pork meat between a bun. The cut of pork loin was thin with just a minimum of juiciness. The breading had some good crunch, but this didn't take away from parts being just too thin. Served with your choice of fixings on an untoasted bun. Overall 7.1 out of ten.

Price: $4.50 for lunch with a side of ruffled potato chips.
Also on the menu: The menu is simple, with basic sandwiches for lunch and breakfast in the mornings. The Saturday special is homemade Biscuits & Gravy, other daily specials are available for lunch. The place had run out of pies when I stopped in at about 1:30 in the afternoon.
Service: There were four old ladies running the show and they seemed to recognize every person in the room by name.
Ambiance: There is an old counter and some booths for seating. This is a no frills place with pictures of the High Trestle bridge and drawings of Gingerbread Men on the walls.

Final Thoughts: The Saturday morning special of Biscuits and gravy might be a good reason to make it back here. I am slowly getting around to writiing up the places I've stopped at while driving down Highway 210 just north and west of Des Moines. I was at Cole's Ice Cream in the Fall, and I will stop at Lou's Diner in Woodward next.

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