Monday, March 30, 2009

Kay's Kafe in Corning

On a late night driving back from Nebraska, this place greeted me with a bright neon "Open" sign. The first place I tried on a cold Monday night was closed, so this was my last chance in this trip to grab a tenderloin.

Location: 608 Davis Ave. in Corning, Iowa (population 1,783). Its about 70 miles southeast of Des Moines in Adams County.

Directions: Corning about a mile north of the busy state highway between Creston and Red Oak. Take 148 into town and follow signs marking the business district.
The Tenderloin: This was described on the menu as "Homemade Breaded Loin" sandwich. My plate arrived with a steak knife to cut the sandwich into easily lifted halves. The edges clearly bent upwards. The breading was a little to fine for me, meaning no crumbs fell to the table. The meat was bright white and soft. Served with fixins on a toasted bun. Overall 6.5 out of ten.

Price: $4.25 ala carte
Also on the menu: The fries are homemade, also serving steaks and hot beef with daily specials.

Service: Seat yourself table service with one waitress and one cook when I arrived towards closing time.

Ambiance: This is a small town diner in a cute main street with furnishings to get a homestyle look with family pictures and simple decorations. The "Kafe" is connected to a bar next door.Final Thoughts: Corning is an alright place to stop off while driving through southwest Iowa. The mainstreet are has many small shops to check out. This isn't exactly a destination tenderloin, but it kept my craving in check as I drove home.
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  1. Everytime I visit your blog I get homesick for Iowa & a good ole Tenderloin. My fav is at the Oakland Mills Bait Shop near Mt. Pleasant.

    Have you been to Deano's in Lockridge?

    Keep up the awesome job. Only 2 places here in Vegas and both serve wanna-bes

  2. love this site-it makes me homesick everytime I visit.

    My fav is the tenderloin at Oakland Mills Bait Shop near Mt. Pleasant.

    Have you tried Deano's in Lockridge,IA or the Sweet Corn Festival in West Point, the bars around there serve them

  3. I've heard good things about the bait shop in the unincorporated township of Oakland Mills. I only get to Mt. Pleasant about once a year.

  4. Kay's Kafes tenderloins are truely homemade. They are not a fritter. They are breaded right there by the owners. They are also fairly large. You could put it on two buns easily. Mmmm now I am hungry for one.