Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dari Barn Sweet Shop in Grinnell

Just down the road from the liberal arts college is the Dari Barn. This ice cream stand carries on the great tradition of barn-shaped dessert stands that have lines stretching in front during the summer months.

Location: 1810 6th Ave in Grinnell, Iowa.

Directions: Drive east on Highway 6 from downtown Grinnell, look for barn-shaped building.
The Tenderloin: After ordering, I was asked If I wanted "everything" on the sandwich. What I got was a whole garden of veggies between a large bun. The pork loin is cut fresh, and was nice warm and crispy, but way too small. The bun was not toasted. This is a thin cut of pork loin dwarfed by the fixings and bun. 5/10.

Price: $3.97

Also on the menu: a large selection of ice-cream favorites, soft-serve, frozen yogurt, fried stuff, baked potatoes, hot dogs, and sandwiches. "More than malts" indeed.

Service: You order from a small window and talk to a teenage kid, who gives you a number to wait for.

Classic small-town ice-cream stand. Picnic tables for sunny days, and a gravel parking lot.
Final Thoughts: I think the reputation of this sandwich preceded my trip and led to disappointment. The thin cut of pork loin is the most boring form of tenderloin sandwich. This is a nice place for dessert, but skip the tenderloin.

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  1. you're a dick.
    i work at dari barn.

  2. Dari Barn is known and loved for its ice cream. If you go there and get a pork tenderloin sandwhich and decide you're disappointed, you have only yourself to blame.

  3. Yeah, it's got "Dari" in the name...