Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bibbs East 14th St. Des Moines

This African-American owned restaurant recently relocated to the East Side from its old home in the Drake Neighborhood.

Location: 1246 E. 14th St, Des Moines
Directions: 2 blocks north of freeway exit on East 14th and University.
The Tenderloin: This is clearly a homemade tenderloin, pounded thin into an asymmetrical shape. The tenderloin was thinner in some parts than others, with "cracks" in its shape forming short arms. There was a small hole in the center from being beaten too hard. The breading uses generous amounts of flour, and keeps a powdery texture. There is no crunch upon biting, but the breading does stick to your mouth. The pork is tender and moist without being juicy. The edges are easily pulled apart from the area beneath the bun. It is served on a toasted bun, with onions suspended in ketchup and mustard on top. Overall: 6/10.
Price: $4.99 With Fries, also available Deluxe Tenderloin with tomato, lettuce etc. for $5.49.

Service: Counter service with food brought to your table when its not busy inside. The food takes time to prepare, many may be waiting at the same time in front of the counter.

Ambiance: the old location was mostly wood paneling and pictures of Martin Luther King. The new location was a Mexican restaurant, and has not been remodeled. There is a purple and orange color scheme with Mayan Pyramid shapes carved into the stalls and pictures of Jesus everywhere. The strip mall contains places for Thai and Vietnamese food, along with many empty areas.
The word Mexican has been removed from the Mexican Food sign.
Also on the menu: Fried Chicken, Catfish, Beef Brisket, BBQ Sandwiches, Okra, Red Beans and Rice, Philly Steak, Grinders and much more.

Closing Comments: The location has changed but the Tenderloin remains the same. Its good, but too thin and powdery. The problems with the decor will be remedied soon enough.

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  1. You guys must all be youngins, Millies started out as Lonnies Tenderloin at the Post office location. This was in 1954/55. After scooping this was the next stop with all the great 50's music comming from the loud speakers. I think Lonnie sold the drivein to Millies (Related in some way) There was another drivein that had good tenderloins at those dates on 20th north of university, Does anyone remember the name of this drivein. Let me know at my email