Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cecil's Cafe in Marshalltown

Beneath a giant chicken sign lies a roadside cafe on the old Highway 30, now Iowa Avenue in Marshalltown. This place has clearly been here for a while, so I decided to check it out.

Location: Highway 30 & 14 Marshalltown, Iowa about 45 minutes drive northeast of Des Moines.

Directions: Cafe is 1 block north of major intersection of south Marshalltown. Go East on Iowa Avenue, less than one block to visible Cafe sign.
The Tenderloin: This was actually a little bit of a disappointment for my first blog post. It was relatively small and was dry in some areas. It was clearly from a freezer. This is more tasty than most tenderloins, as it was not overly processed. The tenderloin was only slightly asymetrical, and the texture was nothing special. As you can see, the buns were toasted well. Verdict: 3/10

Price: $3.40 for the Tenderloin, only one size available.

Ambiance: This roadside cafe is a true greasy-spoon diner. Few decorations aside from a wall with several mounted fish. Most of crowd looked like blue-collar regulars, coveralls are acceptable clothing here.

Service: Seat yourself with table service and a bar. Two elderly waitresses worked the small cafe, they were helpful.

Closing comments: This is an OK roadside cafe, its just not that great of a tenderloin.

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