Sunday, May 1, 2016

B-Bop's Burgers in Des Moines, Iowa

B-Bop's Burgers is a local chain with locations in Des Moines, the suburbs and Ames Iowa. They frequently win "Best Burger" polls in Des Moines and the chain predates the gourmet burger fad that has brought so many new burger places with high prices to the market in the past ten years. Just last year B-Bops opened its first location with indoor seating and counter for ordering on the South Side of Des Moines.

Location: 4500 Fleur Dr in the southwest side of Des Moines, Iowa.

Directions: This is just a few blocks north of the Airport on Fleur Dr.

Online at: website is HERE.

The Tenderloin: Described as "1/4 pound pork loin fritter". This had a layer of breading that was crunchy but also hard and flavorless. The tiny amount of soft meat inside was moist and grayish in color with the consistency of a sponge. Served on a sesame seed bun topped with shredded lettuce and onions mixed with ketchup, mayonnaise and tiny pickle slices. Overall 2.0 out of ten.

Price: I think the combo meal was $6.49 before tax but I didn't get the price of just the loin. I think its over three dollars by itself.

Also on the menu: The burgers from through a broiler and the fries were fresh and hot, they have a big vat holding chili.

Service: Its fast food counter service with your number called when your order is ready. Food is served in a paper bag even if you are eating inside, and you have to ask for ketchup.

Ambiance: This is a new concept built in the past year as a dine-in B-Bops and the tables are new and clean and there is outside seating too. The oldies music and a few fixtures hint at a retro diner meeting modern fast food.

Final Thoughts: This tenderloin was awful, get the burgers or the chili when you stop at B Bops Burgers. Even the chicken sandwich is noticeably better than the pork loin served here. The interior was clean and bright, the fries were hot and crispy, but don't get the tenderloin.

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  1. Obviously, even though a local chain, out-of-state corporate ownership. It's not that difficult to check out local fare before putting something on your menu that is so important to the local trade, is it? I mean, isn't just about everything wrong with this thing?