Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Glenn in Manchester

I have visited Manchester several times before and had never found much of anything to eat beyond the Pizza Ranch before I found this place. Its tucked inside a high rise office building in downtown Manchester.

Location: 222 S. Franklin St. in Manchester, Eastern Iowa.

Directions: Its a block south of the main east-west street through the center of town, on the first floor of a tall building.

The Tenderloin: The dim lights meant my photos turned out poorly. The meat takes the classic three point pork loin cut shape. The menu describes this sandwich as "hand pressed", and a guy who looked like the manager or owner told me he personally presses the seasonings into each of the pork loins after tenderizing. What you get is layers of crunchiness in the breading and more noticeable taste in the seasoning. There were no gaps between the breading that occur in the larger, thicker tenderloins. Overall I prefer the thicker varieties, but this one was worth checking out 7.0 out of ten.

Price: $5.25 a la carte, served on a toasted bun..

Also on the Menu: Its the regular diner fare for breakfast and lunch with some Mexican entrees available for dinner. Since my visit they added a huge sandwich, the Westcott Tower, which they claim is the tallest sandwich in Delaware County.

Service: Table service seemed to be the only way to go.

Ambiance: This is another family restaurant that looks like it was decorated by someone's grandmother. They seem to pride themselves on cleanliness.

Final thoughts: The website claims The Glenn is "A Relaxing Place to Dine", and promotes the family friendly atmosphere. I can't argue with that. Their tenderloin takes an approach that is thin with pork but packed with crunchiness and seasoning. If there is a better tenderloin in Delaware County, I have not found it.

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