Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5th Ave. Diner in Coon Rapids

I was driving home on Highway 141 past Coon Rapids late one night. I saw a giant sign reading DINER, with some stoplight graphics. I figured it was worth stopping in to see what was goin on inside.

Location: 501 5th Ave. South in Coon Rapids in Carrol County, Western Iowa.

Directions: This place is literally just off Highway 141 on the main intersection south of town. Look for the sign.
The Tenderloin: For some reason they served this on a gigantic plate that made the sandwich look smaller than it really was. The menu described the meat as cut fresh daily, it did not appear to be tenderized to break the grain of the meat. However, the meat was soft and white. Served on an untoasted bun. A solid 7.5 out of ten rating.

Price: $4.50, a little more for the fixins.

Also on the menu: The typical diner fare with some odd stuff like a grilled marshmallow peanut butter sandwich or a giant hamburger. I opted for a fried cheese bits side dish.

Ambiance: This place has the same decorations as every other drive-in or one-stop on this highway with road signs and license plates nailed to the walls. There are tables and booths for seating.
Service: Its table service with space for a walk-up that wasn't in use when I visited during some kind of small town rush hour.

Final Thoughts: This sandwich wasn't exceptionally great by any approximation, and there are plenty of places to get one about as good along Highway 141. The Coon Rapids Country Club has a restaurant open seasonally next door that I may have to check out next time.

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