Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Barnyard Family Restaurant in Chillicothe Iowa

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia tells me that the city of Chillicothe is pronounced Chill-uh-CAW-thee, and that 97 people live here. Well those people are lucky because they live in a town with a place named The Barnyard open four days a week. The Barnyard also operates a Tenderloin Experss Trailer in nearby Ottumwa on certain days when the restaurant is closed.

Location: 215 Market St in Chillicothe, about ten miles north and east of Ottumwa, Iowa

Directions:from Highway 63 between Ottumwa and Oskaloosa, take the T-67 road from the Chillicothe exit, then turn on Count Road H21 that turns into Market St in Chillicothe.

Online at: facebook page is HERE.

The tenderloin: This tenderloin started with a giant hunk of pork loin pounded into a triangle shape. The thickness was good and the white meat kept a good amount of juice in parts. The breading wasn't strongly seasoned but had a great flaky crunchy texture. Served on an untoasted bun Overall 8.4 out of ten.

Price: $5.75

Also on the menu: they have tenderloin with toppings and the usual fried stuff, burgers, and specials for dinner like steak.

Service: It was table service and it took a while even thought I was the only person there for lunch.

Ambiance: There were tables and a bar for seating, and the walls had old pictures of Chillicothe.

Final Thoughts: I don't get to towns as small as this that often anymore, and Im always looking for new places. I would definitely recommend stopping in the Barnyard if you are in Chillicothe from Wednesday to Saturday or tracking down their trailer. I can't think of a better one in the Ottumwa area.

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